”What the team at Compass are building is just fascinating. Endless customisation options, and possibilities.

I think that the most utility is in areas which are not covered by the commercially available bots, thanks to the no-code automation builder.”

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Blur Farming on Autopilot
Farm Blur points with a low risk of acceptance and high rate of daily points. Blur Points farming runs completely on Autopilot with Compass.
Auto List tokens on Floor
List your tokens in bulk without "bricking the floor". It enables you to list a specific number of tokens at increasing increments from the floor.
Create Automations in Bulk
You can create several parallel automations for bidding on different collections, listing different tokens and more.

Do what you do best

Let Compass do the rest

Set a Stop Loss

With Compass No-code Automations you can set up any logic imaginable. For example, you can create an automation that lists your NFT on sale when the price fall below a certain threshold. This way you can hedge against floor price drops automatically.

Copy trade a group

Infinitely customisable alerts let you follow any trader, collection or signal you can think of. You can copy trade group, monitor the blockchain for specific transactions or keep track of scammers on-chain.

List NFTs in Bulk

Transactions that took manual effort can now be done with a click of a button. List your tokens at different prices, sweep floors when the price is right place bids in bulk and much more! You can link up an unlimited number of actions to get you ever more sophisticated automation logic.

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Cutting-edge tools for minting and trading, summarized analytics about wallets and transactions! Thats compass <3
Compass has the fastest pings for Hot Mints. The alerts keep me up to date on all the new drops on the market!
One of the best alert tool in this space. What I like about this alert is they has transfer alert. We can monitor what transfer in and out of a wallet.
I really like the overview and overall look and feel. Recently discovered the profit calculator. Compass makes my life so much easier with reading and reviewing analytics.
Compass gives me about 95% of what I need, it is definitely more polished than any of the other tools I have tried.
Compass is the fastest sniping tool and the best way to track whale wallets and get transaction alerts.
If you are searching an affordable tool to make some money with your eth, compass will become your best friend
What I love about Compass: Wallet feed, can login on chrome mobile and work pc with discord, multi wallet login.

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Library of Pre-made Automations

Blur Collection Farmer

Farm Blur points on a specific collection.

Blur Watchlist Farmer

Bid on collections in your watchlist to farm Blur points faster.

Blur Trending Farmer

Farm Blur Points across all trending collections on autopilot.

Report Blur Points

Stay updated on your Blur points. Useful when farming.

Blur Collection Farmer + Canceller

Farm Blur points on a specific collection, Bidding and Cancelling with a single Automation.

Cancel Blur Bids

Cancels Blur bids that either become dangerous or useless.

Auto List for Blur Farmer

Auto Lists all your tokens on floor. Use with Blur Farmer.

Take Profit

List your NFTs on Blur and OS once a predetermined unrealized profit is achieved.

Floor-Triggered List

Lists a token when a certain floor is surpassed. Then re-lists token at floor every 15 mins.

Stop-Loss Alert

Get alerted quickly via Telegram/Discord when your NFT's go into unrealized loss.

Accumulator Alert

Get an early warning of Blur dumps.

Opensea Lister

Detect if you've been undercut, and undercut automatically until a given minimum list price is reached.
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”A couple of use cases that I love Compass for are: Blur points farming, auto listing with a "fair" market valuation (my own calculation, nothing fancy), floor monitoring and auto biding on trending collections.

You can really do anything you want. More actions are in the pipeline that I am looking forward to.”

If you can dream it, you can create it

Automate web3 with no-code

Automate what you don't have time for:

Get more done with automations, a lot more!

Blur Watchlist Farmer

Blur Watchlist Farmer
Bid on collections in your watchlist to farm Blur points faster.Use

Cancel Blur Bids

Cancels Blur bids that either become dangerous or useless.Use

OpenSea Lister

Detect if your listing has been undercut, and undercut automatically until a given minimum list price is reached
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User Guide

What is an Automation?

An Automation is an automated workflow that connects various aspects of your trading activities. Each Automation consists of a trigger and one or more actions. When you enable your Automation, it will run the action steps every time the trigger event occurs.
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What’s a Trigger?

Triggers kickstart an Automation. Events like token trades, minting or schedules set off automatic processes to streamline workflows.
Learn More ▸

What are Actions?

Actions are the building blocks of an Automation. They can interact with marketplaces, APIs, and other tools to create streamlined workflows. They execute as part of the Automation.
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